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Creating Safe, High-Performance Automotive Applications

Wednesday, August 28 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Location: Room 207


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Badge Type: Paid Conference

Most automotive projects are safety-critical applications, but are safety and high-performance mutually exclusive? We will examine how some of the inherent dangers of C/C++ are neutralized by adopting a coding standard. These standards can actually be quite easy to implement with static code analysis tools. We will draw inspiration from the MISRA rule set and from the requirements and recommendations of the ISO 26262 safety standard, and show numerous examples of what can go wrong. We will show you how to write efficient code that is also compliant with coding standards to prove that safety and speed really are compatible. If you are starting an automotive project with safety-critical functionality or functional safety requirements, you should definitively attend this session.

Keywords: automotive, safety, C, C++, code analysis, MISRA, standards, ISO, safety-critical