From the First Self-Driving Cars to the Future of Flying Cars

Wednesday, August 28 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Location: Mission City Ballroom


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Badge Type: Free Conference

In 2005, Sebastian Thrun's "Stanford Racing Team" won the DARPA Grand Challenge, a historical self-driving car race sponsored by the US Government. This was the modern birthdate of the self-driving car. Subsequently, Thrun ran the Google self-driving car team, now known as Waymo, with the objective of enabling true Level 5 self-driving car capabilities. While this goal is still out of reach, enormous progress has been made, including vehicles having logged over 10 million miles and public rides in Las Vegas. Under the hood, engineers have utilized radar, LiDAR, and cameras for information processing. Perhaps the most important innovation has been the advent of deep learning technology, which empowers cars to learn how to drive safely. In this keynote, Thrun will discuss the state of the art, and reflect about a future roadmap for making self-driving cars part of the everyday transportation system, perhaps even a future that sees flying cars.

Keywords: Sebastian Thrun, DARPA Grand Challenge, Google, Waymo, self-driving car, flying car, level 5 autonomy, radar, LiDAR, Udacity, Kitty Hawk Corporation