The Road to Deployable Autonomy

Thursday, August 29 2:05 PM - 3:00 PM

Location: Room 206


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Badge Type: Paid Conference

If you live in the Bay Area, or a major city for that matter, you will undoubtedly have encountered some self-driving vehicles on the public roads. These are the prototypes for Level 4/5 autonomy, and always have at least one safety driver to take over when the autonomous drive system disengages. The question that everyone is now asking is when will these vehicles actually take to the roads in true autonomous mode. This session will discuss some of the challenges that still need to be overcome, and present some technologies that will help get us there, with a focus on true automotive-grade computing required to run the hundreds of millions of lines of code that will essentially emulate a human driver.

Keywords: self-driving vehicles, level 4 autonomy, level 5 autonomy, safety, autonomous, code