Custom IC Design – The Missing Piece to the MEMS & Sensors Development Puzzle

Thursday, August 29 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM

Location: Room 204


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Badge Type: Paid Conference

Due to the unique technologies used to produce MEMS devices, and the diversity of their functions and applications, the electronics required to interface to these devices has thus far defied standardization. As such, medical product designers are left with the task of developing custom interface electronics to match their new MEMS device. The design of interface electronics for MEMS-based products is often a complicated puzzle with many diverging requirements. Custom electronics circuits are typically required to make all the pieces of the system puzzle work together. When designed with standard-product integrated circuits (ICs), the electronics are often excessively large and inefficient. This limitation is particularly problematic for MEMS-based medical devices. Custom IC design can provide the missing piece to the Medical MEMS development puzzle. This session includes an overview of MEMS devices and markets, introduces common features and benefits of ASIC technology, demonstrates how ASICs can solve common MEMS development challenges, and summarizes the challenges and results of several real-world projects.

Keywords: MEMS, ASICs, medical, custom IC design, interface, electronics, technology, diversity