Testing of 5G Enabled Devices

Wednesday, August 28 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: Room 210


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5G is approaching rapidly and there are some fundamental differences in how one needs to go about testing devices with 5G capability. Two main technical innovations drive the change and need for testing. Those are first massive MIMO, and secondly the move to operations at higher frequencies, so called mm-wave frequencies. Both these technologies will push integration and a very important difference compares to all previous cellular technologies is that there will be significantly less connector interfaces. For that reason, many of the tests that could previously be performed in a connected interface, now have to be done over-the-air. That is, via the antenna interface. This poses several challenges in testing and they will be discussed in this session.

Keywords: 5G, MIMO, mm-wave frequencies, over-the-air, OTA, testing